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【6TH ALBUM】 Support Donations for Super Junior 6th album! ♥
Posté par : SJ-Superior  |  Date : 14.06.12 10:45
〃Support Donations for Super Junior 6th album! ♥〃


We bought every album on Leesmusic. They counted towards Hanteo chart.

The sixth album is supposed to be released this summer, on the 1st and 4th of July. ^^
To make this album successful, we're collecting donations before its release.
The money collected will be used to buy albums and help digital sales.

A bulk order for the album will probably be organized at a later time.

↘ WHY? The success of an album is of course based on its sales. However, music charts have became very important in Korea and are now part of the success of an album as well. Being on top of musical charts and winning awards on various TV shows and at award ceremonies will help the album be successful and will also increase its notoriety among the media. The sales figures most usually quoted come from Korean music charts such as Hanteo and Gaon and not from charts representing the "worldwide" sales of the album. That is to say that only sales made from very few websites are actually taken into account of Korean charts.

Same goes for Music Bank, which is mostly based on Hottracks and Synnara charts and digital sales.

You can therefore, if you want, donate money to the website in order for us to bring an additional support to Super Junior and help them increase their chances of winning awards and be the first on the charts.

↘ HOW TO DONATE? HOW MUCH? You are free to donate the amount of money you want. 1€, 2€, more... It doesn't matter! Each and every donation will be greatly appreciated! The donation method we'll prefer is Paypal (fast, easy.)

You can donate money by clicking the button below. ♥

You can also donate money via Western Union or bank transfer.
In those instances, please contact us via e-mail at and precise the donation method you wish to use.

↘ AFTER THE DONATION? ? A list of all donators will be compiled and edited throughout the whole donation process so that everyone can see the evolution of the collection. Donations can be made anonymously. After sending us money, please send an e-mail to

Subject: 6th album Support - My donation♥

Anonymous: Yes - No
(If you do not wish to be anonymous) First name, last name:
(If you're a member of Superior) Username on Superior:
I wish for my donation to be used for: Albums - Digital Sales (you can choose both!)
Amount donated:
Donation Method: Paypal - Western Union - Bank transfert



Either way, if you intend on making a donation, please do it as early as possible. ^^

The albums purchased thanks to these donations will be given back to donators through a giveaway at a later time or used as prizes for contests, etc... We won't keep any albums for us.

Last but not least, we would like to remind you all that this project wouldn't be possible without your help. So please, help us make the 6th album a great success for Super Junior. You're also welcome to spread the word about this donation project!



C.ツ 40 €
Kirine 1,75€
NecKyultra 10 €
Miioneun 4,24 €
Mitsuki 16,75 €
Anonymous 40,71 €
Stridou 14,24 €
R. Béatrice 190,35 €
MinRa 5 €
Vickyumma 4,58 €
Laetitia 21 €
Darky 1,49 €
Sapphire_ELFish 1,55 €
Cyliane 15,00 €
nOnO-dOnO-k 10,00 €
Mathilde Routier 14,24 €
Suju Wings (Kkum Hae & Beshoo) 18,71 €
Plume de chine 6 €

+ MaRyeo 28,73 €
TOTAL : 444,34 €
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